I provide advice on various topics, including interviewing, management, organizational structure, leading teams, and career development. I focus on those in leadership positions (team leads, tech leads, lead architects, Head of Engineering, Engineering Managers, and CxO level) and engineering teams. Why do you need a Coach? At the highest levels of many endeavors, whether in music, sports, or public speaking, it’s common for performers to have coaches. It’s unusual for top-tier performers not to have one.


3MD, Belgrade, Serbia. Chief Technology Officcer (September 2022. - present) Zühlke Group, Belgrade, Serbia. Principal Consultant (January 2022. - September 2022.) Team Lead / Engineering Manager (January 2021. - April 2022.) Lead Software Architect (January 2019. - December 2021.) Accomplishments: Lead a team of developers from Belgrade side. Enabled successful project distribution for a client. Responsibilities: Working on customer projects in a .