Integrated investment advisory platform for relationship managers of a private bank

To meet the growing demands of customers, a strategic solution is designed to assist client advisors in portfolio management and to support proposed transactions for compliance under the latest legislation. The focus is on integrating existing and new components with several Scrum teams in a 'scrum of scrum' approach in order to meet the regulatory requirements in the shortest possible time and to lay the foundation for the long-term development of the platform. Tech stack: C#/.NET, EntityFramework, T-SQL, Protractor, Cake, Angular, TypeScript, Visual Studio, Git.

GUI for Media Processing System

GUI for Media Processing System. Tech stack: WPF, MVVM, C#, Feature Based, FluentAPI, MVVMLight, ReFit, Aspose, SourceAFIS. (june 2018. - september 2018.)

Insurance Portal for Corporate Customers

One of the leading global insurers introduces an information portal for its corporate customers. The portal provides 24/7 online access to insurance data like polices, claims, or risk assessments. Its modular structure allows onboarding of various business segments to support customers with actionable insights into their risk situation. The project team enhances, maintains and operates the portal as managed service (C#, ASP.NET MVC/Core, Entity Framework, SQL Server Integration Services, RavenDB, Kendo UI, TypeScript, LESS, TFS). (2017. - now)

Procurement solution

Complete procurement solution, a web-based system, which includes elements of the plan to implementation of procurement, contracts, etc. (2014. - 2017.).

Sap ERP implementation

Project management team member for SAP ERP implementation, acting as internal audit (june 2014. - december 2015.).

Oracle UCM

Document management system (support). (2014.-2016.)

Vechile maintenance

Vehicle maintenance, web based information system designed to support, facilitate and improve explotation, maintainance and service of vehicles. (2014. - 2017.)

Materials management

Web and Windows application, design and implementation - team leader (ASP.NET + Windows forms + C# + JQuery + MS SQL Server + MS reports + TFS). (2011-2017.)

Coal invocing

Design and implementation - team leader (two implementantions, one ASP.NET-based, another Java/Struts2-based).(2007.-2017.)

ArchiDoc Web Document Management System

Design and implementation (Netbeans + EJB2 + Struts + JSP + JUnit 3 + Patterns).