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» Programming experience in Pascal, C, C++, C#, assembly (680x0 & i80x86 series), Java (J2EE), JavaScript, SQL, ATL (QVT), XML (Schema, XSL(T), Path), ASP.NET and HTML (CSS) language.
» Object technologies: Design Patterns, UML/OCL and OO program language components.
» Software development methods: Rational Unified Process, Extreme Programming and SCRUM.
» Development environments: NetBeans, Eclipse (EMF, GMF), Microsoft Visual Studio (C++, C#), Rational Rose, ERWin, BPWin, Matlab, Oracle forms and reports.
» Databases: Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server.
» Servers: TFS, IIS.
» Business process and rule technologies: BPMN/BPEL, SWRL/OWL, R2ML, Drools.
» 15 years IBM PC-compatible experience, with knowledge of and experience in all major software, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Win 3.1, 95/98/Me/NT/XP, DOS, and peripherals.
» Multimedia Software: Macromedia Dreamweaver & Flash, Adobe Photoshop, Corel DRAW & PHOTO-PAINT.
» Basic knowledge about Geographical Information Systems - GIS (Map Maker, MapINFO).

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