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Professional as project manager

» Procurement solution, which includes elements of the plan to implementation of procurement, contracts, etc. (Web).
» Project management team member for SAP ERP implementation, acting as internal audit (june 2014. - december 2015.).
» Oracle UCM - document management system (support).

Professional as software developer

» Vehicle maintenance management system (Web).
» Materials management Web and Windows application, design and implementation - team leader (ASP.NET + Windows forms + C# + JQuery + MS SQL Server + MS reports + TFS).
» Coal invoicing, design and implementation - team leader (two implementantions, one ASP.NET-based, another Java/Struts2-based).


» rBPMN editor - An Eclipse-based implementation of a Rule-based BPMN. (link)
   • Full BPMN2 GMF and EMF-based editor implementation.
   • Includes Rule editors for integrity, derivation, production and reaction rules.
» R2ML - The REWERSE I1 Rule Markup Language
   •R2ML - The REWERSE I1 Rule Markup Language meta-model implementation (link) and XML Schema (link). R2ML metamodel in different formats. (link)
 •Web translators (SWRL to R2ML, R2ML to SWRL, OCL to R2ML, R2ML to OCL and R2ML XML to R2ML XMI). (link)
 •ATL Transformations from SWRL to R2ML to OCL and back - SWRLtoR2ML, R2MLtoSWRL, OCLtoR2ML and R2MLtoOCL.
 •ATL Use Case - Sharing Rules Between OCL/UML and SWRL/OWL.
 •ATL Bundle utility for launching ATL transformations programmatically (3.44 Mb).


» Mobile and desktop application for prepaid recharge (desktop - WPF/C#, mobile - Android/Java)
» ArchiDoc Web Document Management System, design and implementation - described here (Netbeans + EJB2 + Struts + JSP + JUnit 3 + Patterns).
» Several small projects ( CMS for Web portal & CD presentation, E-commerce Web site implementation...).
» Lines game - in Serbian, available on demand (C++, MFC).
» Java courses for software developers (Basic, Advanced, Web, J2EE).
» STR and FinanceBusiness for small and medium companies, done in Microsoft Visual C++, using MFC, Win32, PHP and MS Access (DAO, ODBC).

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