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Value Bohr`s radius


On the basis of Rutherford's theories, Bohr published his model of atomic structure in 1913, introducing the theory of electrons traveling in orbits around the atom's nucleus, the chemical properties of the element being largely determined by the number of electrons in the outer orbits. Bohr also introduced the idea that an electron could drop from a higher-energy orbit to a lower one, emitting a photon (light quantum) of discrete energy. This became a basis for quantum theory.

Niels Bohr

Niels Henrik David Bohr was born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1885. Bohr studied as an undergraduate, graduate and, under Christian Christiansen, as a doctoral student at Copenhagen University, receiving his doctorate in 1911. As a post-doctoral student, Bohr first conducted experiments under J. J. Thomson at Trinity College, Cambridge. He then went on to study under Ernest Rutherford at the University of Manchester in England. In 1916, Niels Bohr became a professor at the University of Copenhagen, and director of the newly constructed "Institute of Theoretical Physics" in 1920. In 1922, Bohr was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics. In 1941, during the German occupation of Denmark in World War II, Bohr was visited by Heisenberg in Copenhagen . In 1943, shortly before he was to be arrested by the German police, Bohr escaped to Sweden, and then traveled to London. He worked at the top-secret Los Alamos laboratory in New Mexico, U.S., on the Manhattan Project. After the war Bohr returned to Copenhagen, advocating the peaceful use of nuclear energy. He died in Copenhagen in 1962.

We shall use the next formula to calculate the value of electron radius that travel in first orbit around the nucleus of Bohr`s hydrogen atom:

and where are:

Using the best experimental values for e,m and FSC gives:

Now, we shall use the another formula to calculate again the Bohr`s radius:

where the value of Bohr`s radius is:

Also we can use the next formula to calculate the value of Bohr`s radius:

where the value of Bohr`s radius is:

Bohr`s radius: The CODATA 2006 recommended value :

The 2008 Rasko Jovanovic recommended value is:

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